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How to Shred Meat in Your Mixer

Marybeth Feutz
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  • Large pieces of cooked meat - beef or pork roast whole chicken breasts or thighs, meat from a whole cooked turkey or chicken
  • Stand-type electric mixer


  • Shred meat in your mixer when the meat is still warm (but cool enough to handle).
  • Cut meat into pieces that will easily fit in the mixer bowl, and are roughly the same size.
  • Place the meat in the mixer bowl, but do not overfill. Work in batches if you need to.
  • Attach the regular mixer paddle and lower it into the bowl. Don't forget to lock your mixer arm in the down position.
  • Turn the mixer on low. Watch carefully as the meat shreds.
  • When you see some pieces of meat the size you want, stop the mixer and remove those pieces. Leave bigger pieces in the mixer and turn it back on.
  • If you leave the mixer running too long, the meat will turn to mush, instead of nicely shredded pieces.
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